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Residential Doors

Decorative options include Scotia, Ovolo beads and Georgian bars. Our doors are designed with a part M compliant low threshold, giving easy access for everyone and complying with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements.
Our residential doors are available in a range of 9 wood grained finishes alongside standard white UPVC. A wide range of door panels & glass styles are also available, whatever your door requirements we’ll be happy to help fulfil your specific needs.

Composite Doors

Durable and attractive, composite doors are made to last. They are the future for entrance doors. All our composite doors are manufactured to the highest standards at our dedicated production facilities using top-quality materials. Our composite doors are produced using robust through-colour GRP door skins. Completely weatherproof, they have excellent resistance to knocks, scratches and whatever the weather throws at them.  

red composite door
Country House Composite Front Door
Composite Door in white viewed from the inside of house
Composite Black Door


Rockdoor has been the driving force behind composite door technology for over 20 years. During that time, more than half a million doors have been produced at our Lancashire innovation and production centre. We use nickel-coated solid brass for our hook locks, high impact PVC-U skins to resist cut-through, carbon fibre to reinforce our inner frames and a unique S-Glaze system that locks the glass into your door for life. It means Rockdoors can’t be forced open.

And because every Rockdoor is made-to-measure rather than mass-produced to a standard shape before being trimmed to size, it’s an exact fit for your home. It means no leaks, no draughts and lower heating bills. The toughest, safest and most energy efficient door. Keeping you safe. Reducing your bills. Giving you choice.

Winsor Windows ROCKDOOR 1
Winsor Windows ROCKDOOR locking system
Open ROCKDOOR in white
Winsor red ROCKDOOR

UPVc Residential Doors

Our residential doors offer stylish frames that will add a lovely touch to the exterior of your home, whilst ensuring you remain safe and secure. We’ll help you through the process from initial consultation right through to installation, because we want to ensure that we provide a high quality service and great results. 

Windsor Windows Residental Door 1
Winsor Windows Residental Door 2
Winsor Windows Residental Door 5

UPVc French Doors

French Doors are probably the most popular method of garden access from a Conservatory. They provide a spacious and panoramic access to the garden from the house itself. A 1200mm (4ft) wide French Door will provide a wider access thoroughfare than a 1800mm (6ft) wide sliding patio door; where just less than half the overall width is available as opening space.


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Winsor Windows French Door 4
Winsor Brown French Door
White French Doors
Grey French-Door

UPVc Patio Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors are ideal for opening up space in your home, turning your garden into an extension of your living area, allowing light and fresh air to fill the room. We offer a large selection of doors for you to choose from, and can offer standard or made to measure sizing, ensuring that we provide the perfect fit for you and your home.

Windsor Windows Sliding Patio Doors 1
Windsor Windows Sliding Patio Doors 2
Windsor Windows Sliding Patio Doors 3
Windsor Windows Sliding Patio Doors 4

Bi Folding Doors

Bi-fold doors are the ideal way to open up your home and bring the outside in, whilst still keeping the weather out. Our PVCu bi-folding doors flood your home with natural light and fresh air and are designed to function with simplicity and ease, the bi-fold door could be the perfect choice for your home. Picture a stunning panoramic wall of glass in your home. Something that modern bi-fold doors now deliver where space is limited, or as a high-design, contemporary alternative to patio doors.

Fully opened Bi Folding Doors
Open Bi Folding Doors
Closed Bi Folding Doors
Windso Bi Folding Doors

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Adding  contemporary elegance to your home. Our aluminium sliding doors offer high performance combined with stunning design to add a contemporary look to your home, whilst opening up your living space to the outside. Combining unique system design with a range of configurations, they will enhance your home whilst keeping the weather at bay. featuring; three chamber inline slide or lift and slide systems, up to six sliding configurations, available in single, double and triple track options, thermally enhanced extrusions incorporating glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips and robust and durable design allowing up to 200kg panel weight inline sliding.

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