Proudly Presenting the Stunning Aspect Bi-Folding Door

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Aspect is the advanced bi-folding door system from Windsor. With ultra slim frames there’s nothing to obscure your view or stop all that extra light flooding into the heart of your home. Aspect patio bi-folding doors slide open with the lightest of touches and fold back flatter than any rival model. That means you can create a continuous ‘garden room’ that stretches from inside your home to the great outdoors in one single, uninterrupted space.

When the harsh British winter is in full swing, it’s vital that you choose doors which can withstand what it throws at us. That’s why our UPVC doors are manufactured with square-edge profile which gives a superior seal along door edges, making them draught and weatherproof.

Bi-folding doors also create the perfect summer ambiance, and with stunning openings of up to 6m wide, you really can bring the outside in. Depending on the door configuration you choose, you can utilise various opening positions to allow refreshing ventilation into your home on hose hot Summer days.

Bi-fold doors create a wider opened space than French or in-line patio doors, enabling you to make the most of your living area. When full erected, they create upto a 90% open space, turning your outside area or patio into another usable room. And because every home is unique, we offer a choice of folding options, allowing you to choose how your door works. This maximum versatility helps you to enjoy and expand your home in the way that works best for you.

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